High School Crush


High School Crush

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    May 7, 2018 at 9:49 pm #172476
    High School Crush

    hi. i like a guy in my class, and after a couple of rumors, i now know that he is single, finally, obviously, he’s just been dumped by 2 years in the past 6 months, so i’m definitely not going to ask him out yet. i really want to get to know him, but i don’t know how, so i need advice on that. i often feel jealous that my friends hang out with him so much, but i cant even have to courage to snap chat him. not jealousy like that they like him and maybe he liked them back, but the fact that they have the courage to get to know him and be his friend; and i don’t. i need help in realizing its not a big deal and i just need to get to know him first. is there anyone that can give me advice? i really like this guy, and i think he’s practically the sweetest guy on the planet. help!!

    May 8, 2018 at 9:48 am #172521

    What do your friends talk to him about? From what I’m gathering is that you’re rather shy or have trouble getting to know new people. If this is not the case, talk to him and pretend you know he’s gay and not interested in girls. Things will either flow smoothly as if you just decided to let someone new into your circle of friends, or you’ll realise you aren’t compatible. There’s a crap ton of articles on the internet that talk about getting over shyness so i’m not going to regurgitate it verbatim. Ultimately realize that if this guy doesn’t like you or rejects you it doesn’t change anything about your life. If one of your friends decided to ask him out and she got rejected, how would that change your view on her? If someone you thought was nice came up and asked you out, but you weren’t interested, would you view them any differently? If he really is sweet as you say he is, he’s not going to cause rumours or make his rejection of you the talk of the school. Neither should your friends