Hooking up with my Ex and trying to be friends


Hooking up with my Ex and trying to be friends

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    May 30, 2017 at 12:00 am #137834
    Hooking up with my Ex and trying to be friends

    So, long story short. I dated a girl about 7 years ago. It wasn’t really much of a meaningful relationship, just a fling that ended on good terms. We had a bunch of mutual friends but stopped talking.

    I’m in a very tight social group, some of my friends are the same friends I’ve had since 7 years ago. Having dated a fair bit over the years, I’ve been taking it easy and haven’t been with anyone for a bout a month. Well it turns out one of my best friends (notorious for making friends with girls that he has crushes on) has actually kept contact with my Ex and says she’s broken up with her boyfriend of the past 6 years and he’s inviting her out which I don’t have a problem with. We hit it off and are comfortable around each other to joke about our past. An aquaintance of mine made a move and made out with her. They were together for a few weeks but she wasn’t overly interested in him, they didn’t have sex and eventually it ended and he left our group.

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    May 30, 2017 at 12:11 am #137836

    Well I assumed due to their closeness, that my friend and my ex were gonna get together, however they both separately insisted they were just friends. My mate then hinted that I had more of a chance than anyone. I didn’t think much about this. As we all go out every weekend, naturally I see her a lot. Well one weekend, while drunk we end up making out much to my surprise. My friend says he was waiting for it to happen. The next weekend we have sex, however, out of the blue she goes extremely cold towards me. I see her again the next night, she stops over but won’t have sex with me.
    Haven’t talked about it since but she’s told me that she wants to carry on hooking up, despite being unfriendly.

    My friend reveals he’s actually in love with her but is fine with me and her hooking up. Explains he’s told her how he feels and she’s friendzoned him. HOWEVER, they text each other day and night and act like best friends despite the fact he still doesn’t know where he stands with her.

    May 30, 2017 at 10:40 am #137838

    To clarify, my friend is in love with someone new once every other month and we’ve even gone after the same girl a few times with me ending up on top. We’ve always been sensible about this and never fell out over it.

    Well anyway, me and her hook up a few more times but it eventually fizzles out due to her poor communication skills with literally ONLY me. I’ve tried to chat with her about it and she’s said she wants to carry on doing what we’re doing and I assume we’re only doing it on nights out. Outside of that, any attempts I’ve made to be more chummy with her haven’t worked.

    We haven’t seen each other for about a month and my friend brings her up in conversation a lot I think to try and get a reaction. I’ve been with two girls in that period and she’s back with her ex (complete control freak and a pot-head). I’ve seen her on nights out and it’s a tad awkward, my friend’s annoyed she’s back with him. I’m being friendly but she’s flirting with me a lot which I guess so am I.