How should I approach getting my ex back?


How should I approach getting my ex back?

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    March 4, 2018 at 9:33 am #166783
    How should I approach getting my ex back?

    This is a pretty complex situation so ill try to keep in precise.So I lived in a state where I was attending school.There I met who I consider the love of my life.We were just starting to grow onto each other in a way its hard to explain when unexpectedly some family things came on be suddenly.Forcing me to move back home 100s of miles away…Literally.Now for some this would be the end of it all.Not us we had too much unfinished bussiness.So even considering the circumstances we spent a while making it work.I would come to visit her and vice versa.We even went on Vacation together(only for a week) but yet and still things were working.Granted we had disputes from time to time naturally often them stemming from her asking me to up and leave.But we would resolve them and move on.Mind I was still in the family situation which was draining.So this went on for the last year and a half.Yet somehow we still hadn’t lost passion for one another.So recently she tells me that we should probably

    March 7, 2018 at 4:02 pm #167001

    Your story is kinda cut off. But I kinda got the bigger picture. I’m not sure if you guys still live in the same place or not. But from my experience; two things I can tell you. The first one is that, if you guys are not living near each other then the relationship is doomed to fail. Because you simply can’t see the other person, which is almost everything about a relationship.
    The second thing is that i used to not believe in this but man is there a lot of fish in the sea. The circumstances for your relationship is not obvious to how bad the break up is to whether she is with someone or not or whether she wants to get back but, my rules are: if someone doesn’t want me, their loss. I try my best to be my best version. If they like it, great if not then I’m pushing myself on nobody. My other rule is, if the conditions are screaming to me, it’s not right, then I will look around and I will, as I mentioned above, find a lot of fish in the sea.
    I wish you the best man.

    March 8, 2018 at 12:41 pm #167063

    she told you you should probably call it off? Sorry to report but here is the truth.
    When a female calls it quits, it means its over.
    You see.. a female doesn’t call it off right away at the first time she thinks of it (like us guys or close). No. A female has been thinking about it for a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG TIME and has been unhappy FOR A LOOOONNNNNNGGEEERRRR time.

    So in reality… she’s been happy and considering and contemplating and thiking in her head about whether to breka up or not for a quite a while and after consdierng it for a very long time – has decided it is over for her.

    There is no way to get her back. Oh she may say “let’s try again” – but believe me its over. She’ll never come back emotionally and her heart will never turn back around. Females just don’t work that way (guys work that way so that’s why we always thikn there’s a chance. there isn’t – not when a female says goodbye).