How to act after telling girl you liked her?


How to act after telling girl you liked her?

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    December 3, 2012 at 3:08 am #17943
    How to act after telling girl you liked her?

    I told this girl after a pretty long friendship that i liked her. I purposely said it at the end of the date with the attention of leaving the “ball in her court”. Whether that was a mistake or not is not the question but rather the response i got. After i broke news, she giggled and joked in away about me liking her. She then said “do i have to say anything right now”. Of course i said no and then we went off on our own way. So what i am asking exactly is how should i act afterwards for the next couple of days and what does her response tell me in terms of liking me back or not?

    December 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm #17969

    Eh, she probably doesn’t want to commit to anything, even “liking” you. She might be playing the field and doesn’t want to hurt you by offering a potential relationship when she might be interested in another guy too.

    I’d say act as you were, don’t try to get her to tell you she likes you and move on to getting to know her better. If you ask again she’ll feel pressured. She knows the ball is in her court so give her reason to “like” you by showing her a fun time and that she shouldn’t be nervous to open up her heart for you 🙂

    good luck!

    December 4, 2012 at 12:46 am #18035

    Hello diaz209,

    Hope you are looking forward to the fights this weekend as much as I am. Let me tell you something very important. This girl you who you confessed your interest in has already known you’ve liked her for a long time, all you did was just confirm it.

    You shouldn’t have to tell a woman that you like her and if you do you will never get what you want. Maybe this tactic would’ve worked in 3rd grade with notes in class, but women have been told this there whole life by every guy they were “friends” with. You should not try to be friends with a girl, you should try to go on dates with a girl. Would James Bond tell a girl that he likes her or would he banter his way into the bedroom?

    You can act however you please, but with the “ball in her court” she will just run the clock out on your hopes of being with her. I have been in your position many times when I was younger, every man who doesn’t understand how attraction works has. Learn from your mistakes and make sure to never repeat them.

    P.S. I would love to see nate win, but I’m pretty sure Bendo will just be too much

    ~ RealAttraction
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    December 5, 2012 at 12:15 pm #18204

    I like what RealAttraction has to say, hopefully you didn’t blow your chance but at least you can still try to pick up some of the pieces. Have you gone out with her again? Maybe a one-on-one date was too much all at once. I’m sure you could find a social event to go to and bring her out

    December 5, 2012 at 3:37 pm #18228

    Here’s another way to think about it….yes, she probably already knew that you like her. What’s wrong with confirming it? I absolutely respect a guy who has the strength to put it out there like that! To me, that’s a guy who has enough strength to face rejection head on…to risk asking for more….it takes a lot of strength to risk…it takes self esteem to be honest. Those are very important qualities that I look for in a guy if I am going to take him seriously. Not every girl will appreciate that about you, but isn’t that the kind of girl you want? Don’t you want a girl who would be flattered and completely respect you for putting your feelings out there? If a lady doesn’t respect you for that, then that’s a sign that she doesn’t value or respect honesty very much.

    How to act? DON”T WAIT FOR HER TO RESPOND!!! That’s giving her the control to choose you or not and I personally think that if someone has to think, even for a second, whether they like you….well, that’s just not good enough! Don’t you want someone who is completely and emphatically uninhibited in wanting to know you? They KNOW they like you and want to get to know you? You deserve NOTHING LESS than that!

    I know you have been friends for awhile and although you think the ball is in her court, you can easily take it back by taking on a certain mentality. You put yourself out there and she didn’t really embrace it. So let her go, go back to being friends as you were and make her EARN you back. Take the mentality that you are THE BOMB and that ANY girl would be lucky to have you. She missed the opportunity and if she wants a shot, then she has to earn it now. SHE is going to have to take the chance with you now since she missed out on the first time. So let her go and move on and know that you are valuable, whether she chooses you or not! If she ends up chasing you, then you know that she is ready and in the right mindset of thinking you are worth chasing! If she doesn’t come around, then she doesn’t like you enough in that way….and that’s ok! because someone else will!