How to attract this girl


How to attract this girl


  • avin
    August 12, 2016 at 11:02 am #108052
    How to attract this girl

    It was a match with this girl on a dating app. I met her after a few months in February and met her 5times since then. We had a really good time whenever we met and found that she was a lot similar to me in all respects.

    During one of these meetings, she said that she is currently into her career and not in the dating app anymore.

    I told her that i like her in June. She told that she was in a relationship with a guy before and things went really bad and she is still trying to get off it. She also said that she doesn’t even know me well, and doesn’t want to get into a relationship right now and wants to concentrate on her work. I responded to her saying that i just wanted to be true to her without hiding anything and hence i opened up to her.

    Well, she still keeps in touch, we talk a lot on phone at least once in a week.

    How should i get her attracted back to me? Should i use the “no contact” method for a week or two to create attraction?