How to meet someone???


How to meet someone???

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    July 1, 2015 at 3:21 pm #81899
    How to meet someone???

    I’m 25 and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I was an ugly teenager. When I gained a little confidence I got another kick in the metaphorical balls, so I was scared to approach boys. In college I thought this could be it! I lost weight, dressed differently and I really quite liked myself but I kind of missed when everyone appearently got the handbook ‘how to get a date’.
    Over the years people said ‘you should be more confident’, ‘dress more nicely’, ‘get a new haircut’ and the swiftly moved on to ‘you seem too confident’ and ‘your clothes and hair say high maintenance’ – so basicaly I’ screwed either way. How do you even meet men? What do they DO in their free time?? My best friend can’t help.
    She never even has to lift a finger. Men approch her at work, on coffee breaks, walking home, grocery shopping, during sports.
    The only ones I attract are creepy old men who tell me I don’t need to be scared of them. I need to do this myself but I can’t even find any?! I always think they’re taken.

    July 2, 2015 at 1:28 am #81907

    Have you considered online dating?

    I kinda understand what you’re saying, in that in middle school/early high school I didn’t dress well and wasn’t very attractive. Things improved but the only guys who were interested were jerks or only after a hook up. Now I’m almost 21, I’ve only had one bf and it was long distance. I see guys look at me but rarely do I end up chatting with a guy I find attractive.

    Perhaps you’re a bit intimidating. I know this is my problem too. Have you approached guys at all? It wouldn’t hurt to try and do so. And if you’re open to it consider online dating.

    July 2, 2015 at 9:50 pm #81954

    If you are not meeting men in your everyday life like there are no prospects at work or during happy hour then online dating is a great way to meet men. Just dive in a play around. There is a great free guide on how to attract quality men using any online dating website here – It’s packed full of information on how to write your profile, types of pictures you should post and common mistakes that women make that stop them from finding love online. Also, another article here outlines common online dating mistakes –