I always thought he was flirting but of course I wouldn't know. Does he like me?


I always thought he was flirting but of course I wouldn't know. Does he like me?

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    January 4, 2018 at 9:10 pm #161643
    I always thought he was flirting but of course I wouldn't know. Does he like me?

    There were 3 times that it just kind of made sense to think he was flirting.1. The first time I thought it was flirting because that’s what I do when I flirt, make dirty jokes. One of my classmates’ Science Fair project was testing baby food and the brand was Beech Nut. So he picked up a container, showed me the label then asked me,”Hey Shanice, do you want some nut?” I picked up another container, showed him the label and replied,”Beech I’ll nut on your face”, and we both laughed. 2. The second time my best friend was absent so I had been forced to work with one of my other classmates, not that I don’t like her because she’s my friend too, she went to check her answers and he pulled a chair up in front od me and asked for answer and when I told him I didn’t know wtf I was doing he stayed there and talked to me , even though I was paying much attention (I was busy think about how cute his freckles are). When my partner came back he said,”I’m gonna go see who has answers,” then left.

    January 4, 2018 at 9:26 pm #161646

    3. The third time kinda hit me hard. My best and I had go into a fight the previous day and weren’t talking to each other(because we like to hold grudges) I had lost my phone and keys in my bag and the dismissal bell had rung and everyone was leaving, but he saw me and turned around. I was sure we would miss the bus so I told him he could go and he replied,”I’ll wait. Don’t worry, I’m always gonna be here for you, Shanice.” Which I replied to with a dumbfounded,”Thanks, my best friend is being an asshole.”

    January 5, 2018 at 8:53 am #161647

    Before my best friend told him that I liked him she asked him does he think I’m ugly and he replied no.The following day she asked if he thought I was cute and he said yes.I told her she tell him over the weekend but before that she asked if he liked me and he replied no.It was quite unbelievable, his excuse being,”I like someone else. Does she like me?” She told him no but told him that she thought we should go out and he replied that I wouldn’t like him. The next day she told him and he wasn’t that shocked. Whenever she asks him if he’s going to ask me out it’s never a certain answer, it’s always something like,”idk, probably not” The following week made my heart hurt because he thought it was “too awkward” to talk to me.We talk now, kinda. It’s been 2 weeks but my best guy friend who is his best friend likes to tease me by just saying his name in any situation to catch me offgaurd and when he does it around him he just smirks.It hasn’t been long but I hope our friendship gets better

    January 6, 2018 at 7:39 pm #161759

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