I dont know if she likes me or not


I dont know if she likes me or not

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    October 10, 2016 at 11:03 am #113612
    I dont know if she likes me or not

    Uni just started and a girl is in two of my classes.One class is once a week and we sit together, we laugh and talk all the time. In the 2nd lesson we sit on opposite sides of the room and she always looks at me and smiles. I thought she liked me but i saw her with another man. Idk who he is, but it broke my heart because i thought she was the one for me

    October 10, 2016 at 12:43 pm #113649

    It’s impossible to say based on such little information, I’m afraid. Women are all different, so “showing interest” for one woman may well be just “being friendly” for another. That being said, it’s totally normal (here in America, at least) for a woman to have friends who are men. Unless you saw her doing obviously BF/GF things with the other guy, there is no reason to automatically assume the worst.

    This advice is cliche and you’ve probably heard it 1000 times already, but if you wish to date this woman you should make your intentions clear. Despite what you see on TV, my (somewhat limited, so don’t take this as gospel) experience is that it’s relatively uncommon for romantic attraction to build up slowly through friendship. IMO it’s better to be upfront from the start; as long as you aren’t pushy or clingy, you should still be able to stay friends even if you are rejected.