I need help From Guys and Girls What to do in this situation?


I need help From Guys and Girls What to do in this situation?

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    October 19, 2015 at 2:44 am #87039
    I need help From Guys and Girls What to do in this situation?

    I like this girl that I’ve met last year (July, 2014)
    we started talking a lot, we went out 1 time because of school (College) work and until some time in January of this year I stopped talking to her. Mostly till the end of July she started talking to me again and we went out again like 2 times more. She know how I feel about her but anyways I landed on her “FRIENDZONE” but I kept talking to her as friends. Anyways I sent her this massage: Hello , I know it’s hard to organize to speak with you in person, so I let you know through here (TEXT). With nothing to lose, and this you know it already : I really like you and I see you as my ideal girl. I understand that you do not see me as well and I know that you can not force what is not wanted by both parties.. I know you have interest in another person, you have every right and understand since you are free to have and love whoever you want. I’ll still be there for you and although I know that many times you want what you can not have.

    October 19, 2015 at 2:46 am #87040

    and I understood that if you are not for me then its okey I understand. My friendship will not fail, my feelings neither. If you want to treat me differently or not at all I understand, you have to move on and accept what is. If you gave me the opportunity at some point, I want you to know that I will give my best because I am that kind of person and have no reason to give less. Thanks for teaching me to be patient and to value friendship and appreciate you for who you are. You are good girl and deserve the best, but If can’t be then let the guy that comes up, be nothing less.” I was texting her yesterday (October 17) she said to me randomly out of context that she got over the guy she liked and started to talk differently or as we use to when we met. I dont know what to do in this situation?

    October 20, 2015 at 1:02 pm #87129

    It sounds more like a yes then a rejection. I think you should go out with her (not as a date) and talk to her about it but try to be casual about it like in your text. Signals can just get mixed up on the phone. Good luck 🙂