I really like him, but is it too soon?


I really like him, but is it too soon?

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    January 7, 2017 at 4:51 pm #122142
    I really like him, but is it too soon?

    I have recently started dating a new guy, and he is absolutely amazing. He is a few years older than me (I’m 22, he’s 28), smart, funny, affectionate, and we just click perfectly. We started seeing each other about a month ago; after the first week, he went back to Spain for two weeks to spend the holidays with his family, and even then we texted all the time and Skyped for hours every night, ending up talking until as late as 3am without even realising it. Now he’s back, and we seem to like each other more and more every time we meet. Now, we always met up in public places, so there’s just been kissing (a lot of very, very good kissing), but I am starting to consider doing more, and that’s where I might need advice. In my last relationship, I waited six months before sex (we were both 18 and virgins) and I definitely don’t want to wait that long this time. But my mother always taught me to wait for several months not to give the wrong impression…I’m so confused! Help, please?

    January 8, 2017 at 5:33 am #122149

    Your mother is giving you out dated information. Even a month is considered a long time in today’s dating culture. Just make sure you’re both tested or use protection.