I'm confused about straight best friend of 14 years.


I'm confused about straight best friend of 14 years.

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    May 5, 2018 at 10:54 pm #172305
    I'm confused about straight best friend of 14 years.

    Hi I am 30 and my best friend is 26 we have been best friends for 14 years, since the start we have been very close we met on an online game and he would drive from one state to the other to visit me, he’s always known i was gay and had feelings for him, he would come to my house and we would even look at porn together but wouldnt do more, i eventually 10 years later moved to his state where he was dating a girl who would assume we had done things when we had not yet officially, he never allowed us to meet eachother even saying to her he rated me higher i dunno why he said this, he broke up with her and we got drunk and kissed and got undressed, he said his family who hated gays could not find out, we then would look at porn and masterbate together, i tried to kiss him he denied me, months later he kissed me and when i asked if he wanted me he stopped then said he maybe would try again if he was horny, I will continue the rest on the reply under this one please read….

    May 5, 2018 at 10:58 pm #172306

    Continued……… SO in that hot tub we did more got undressed gave eachother head, he got hard, he kissed me alot and i him, when i said i wanted him he shut down and said what did i say, we stopped i asked if he would regret it he said no he would maybe try again if he was horny, that was 2 years ago since that time we have not kissed but he does things, like we went to park not long ago and i wanted privacy to pee he wanted me to pee next to him so he could stare, he would come to my house say he wanted to look at porn, stare at me wheni went to pee in bathroom or get undressed, we wer at dennys and he kept his hand on the bathroom door wouldnt let me lave and stared at me i was confused as hell, now we talk every day go to movies every week or other week if i even mention im going with someone else he get sad, he wants matching tattos yin and yang as he says they mean we are mirrors of eachother, wants to move intogether…. continued

    May 7, 2018 at 8:27 am #172307

    continued…….. he says he feels soo close to me and that i am the yin to his yang, mirror of him the most perfect entity he knows he actually said that, and just last week in the car he put his hand in my crotch to touch a rip in my pants and asked what happend like he literally put his finger down there i was like wtf are u doing in my head lol, then he put hs haand around my neck and said how special i am to him and how he cant wait to move in with me and said he cant get the matching tattoos till he moves out from his parents house, and he want sthem on left wrist cause its closet to the heart, he says all of this and when we hug its like were going to kiss every time our cheeks touch and we get soo close i couldnt even explain it, anyways i am confused if i ask him he just says a long time ago he was curious and hes not gay, but he does many things since then that confuse the hell out of me am i delusional or is there something plzzz hellp!!!!!!!

    May 7, 2018 at 12:50 pm #172429

    He’s in denial mode bro, he likes spending time with you and totally wants you.

    But is very pressured by the thought of his family finding out he is gay,. That is why he is so physically active Soo he can run away from his problems and feel something else.
    He doesn’t want to think he is gay because of this image his parents have of gay people.

    He needs time to get comfortable and learn to accept himself else someone is gonna get hurt badly.