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    December 6, 2017 at 1:13 pm #159259

    I’m on one of the big dating sites that has a field for income. I’m a bit perplexed on a couple things.

    1. I’ve always heard, and agreed your income level shouldn’t come up any time soon in a new relationship, so it’s odd it’s listed on that site to me. Not required of course, but it’s upfront if you do.

    2. I ran an experiment. I hid my income for a while and messaged people. I got some replies, not bad. I added my income and got 3 times the response rate. I removed it, and responses went back down. Now I wasn’t testing with 1,000s of messages, so I can’t say it was rigorous, but I messaged at least 30 or so for each period. So much for income not mattering. No, I’m not rich, I am not a gold digger target. I didn’t change anything else, and my profile description indicates I am financially stable and have a solid career without going into details.

    Not really questions, just odd things I noticed.

    December 6, 2017 at 1:18 pm #159260

    I did think of one related question…

    That site doesn’t have you put in your exact income, it breaks it down into ranges. I try to be very honest on my profiles and I’m not sure which income range to select, if I do list my income. I am paid a “compensation package” that includes salary. They are a bit different in that all deductions for insurance, retirement, etc are all paid for as part of the package. I have 0 deduction from my paycheck. The deductions are still reported on my w2 etc, and for tax exempt deduction reporting, but any time payroll refers to salary, or % raises it doesn’t include those values, only the part that goes to my paycheck.

    The benefit amount is not trivial compared to my take home. If I include that amount it’s considerably higher. So which would I list, and still be honest in your opinion? A or A +B?