Initiating contact with a girl I haven't talked to in a month


Initiating contact with a girl I haven't talked to in a month

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    May 1, 2018 at 3:51 pm #171981
    Initiating contact with a girl I haven't talked to in a month

    Hi all! Me and this girl i’ve been talking to for a couple months went on our first date back in March. We really hit it off great and enjoyed our first date. She wanted to go out again that next weekend, but I got sick with the flu 3 days after our first date. A little while after, the conversations slowly started dying down. I didn’t want to appear needy, so I held back a little bit.

    We haven’t talked in 3 weeks, but she randomly started liking my instagram pictures this week. She liked 3 of my pictures in a row. Yesterday, I replied to one of her snapchat stories of a selfie of her, saying she had a beautiful smile. She said “Thank You!!! :)”. I then sent her a picture of the tattoo I’m going to get (we both like tattoos), and we ended up talking for over an hour last night on snapchat. I want to try pursuing her again. I really want to go out with her again too, and I want to know how to keep her interested. How can I go about this and make my way to making plans with her?

    May 1, 2018 at 11:17 pm #171985

    If you like this girl, it’s best to take action and set a date with her. Don’t become just a text buddy, she will eventually either lose interest completely or just start to see you as a friend. Keep her interested by asking her out and making a good impression in person. I usually advise my clients to use texts merely as a way to set up dates. I can’t tell you how many times my clients (and myself) have lost out on potential dates because we were hesitant to “pull the trigger,” and just kept texting.

    Again, if you like this girl (and it seems from your post that she likes you in some way) then what are you waiting for?