Intuition, not sure what I should do


Intuition, not sure what I should do

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    May 10, 2015 at 6:53 am #78691
    Intuition, not sure what I should do

    Would love some feedback from a ladies perspective on my situation.

    I apologize in advance, as this is going to be a LONG one.

    So. Last week, I met a girl at a club. Yes, Red Flag #1.

    She came with a friend who is a friend of a friend of mine. We hit it off, got her number. Things went great that night. She went home that night with her friend. Then throughout the week we continued to text. She showed interest through her texts. However, they seem to me at times to be a bit “too flirty”?

    Skip to yesterday. We agreed to get together during the day to hang out. She had to delay an hour as she was “stuck in traffic”. I don’t blame her as it was 5pm on a weekday in Hong Kong. We got together, hung out, grab some food. I held her hand, she held on to me, I gave her a kiss here and there and things seemed great. We walked around, I made her laugh, I thought I was fairing pretty well.

    May 10, 2015 at 6:54 am #78692

    We were supposed to meet up with a few of my friends that night to go pre drinking at a bar, then after we were going to go to the same club where I met her the week before, as she had some friends who were going to be there that night as well.

    The bar was great, then skip to the club. We went in together, hands clasped together. She’s hanging on to me. No worries. My buddies had some trouble trying to secure our table at a club which took some time. She then said she was going to meet up with her friends first, which I said was cool and I sent her on her way.

    My buddies finally got the table, I shoot her a text letting her know of the area of our table. She replies promptly saying «  I’ll be there in a bit »

    May 11, 2015 at 8:16 am #78693

    From my spot in the club, I could see her and her table. Note that, this is a pretty girl that I’m seeing. So I was not surprised to see a bunch of guys hitting on her. I found it quite funny and just continued to have fun with my friends and let her do her own thing. I look over here and there, most of the time she’s hanging out and talking with her best friend. Through out, I could see 2 significantly older guys in their mid 30’s desperately hitting on her and her friend. My girl did come over to my table to let me know of her presence and also introduced her friend to me. We hung out for a bit, and then she told she was going to be back as she proceeded to follow her friend back to that spot with the 2 guys.