Is he seeing someone else or just plain tired of me?


Is he seeing someone else or just plain tired of me?

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    August 2, 2017 at 11:10 am #144000
    Is he seeing someone else or just plain tired of me?

    Ok been seeing this guy for over a year now. We live together and he’s not the greatest guy to me. But to fast forward to something that went down a few Saturdays ago…

    My guy bought a new hat then asked me if I liked it. I was honest and told him “no it’s a little too redneck for my taste” he got so mad, gave me the silent treatment the rest of the evening. So then the next day he said something pretty crappy to me…. says “I don’t give a fuck. I’m done with you for today just like I was yesterday”. He was pretty awful to me the entire weekend. So he texts me last Monday saying “I’m not happy and you have until next Monday to figure it out. If I’m still unhappy we need to call it quits.” But proceeds to say the following Tuesday that he wants to make arrangements for me to get things out of storage …WTF is going on here. Help!

    August 2, 2017 at 1:34 pm #144030

    This is tough. I would get out of this thing. It sounds a bit unhealthy and you don’t sound too attached or crazy about him either; so I wouldn’t get too devastated that its ending. It sounds like his mind is made up and has a pretty warped view of a relationship. He’s not taking any responsibility for his happiness. He’s unhappy and putting all of the blame and burden on you to “figure it out.” I don’t know what he has going on, but it sounds like he could use some help or therapy or something. If you’re over this thing too, I wouldn’t let him get the last word in. I wouldn’t wait until Monday or Tuesday or whenever, I would end it, get my stuff and move out today.