Is he serious or am I wasting my time?


Is he serious or am I wasting my time?


  • AlexxA
    March 16, 2017 at 9:01 am #130255
    Is he serious or am I wasting my time?

    Met guy, then he had to leave for school 4 hours away. He has continued texting me. We text/snapchat every other day or so. I sit back and let him text me, but sometimes snapchat him. I always actively participate in conversations. He has to know I am interested. I feel like at this point we are in the same spot we were. Its been three months. We have not gotten to know each other that much better or gotten closer. I’m open to learning more about him, asking questions, & sharing more about me, but I feel he gets generic and almost holding me at arms length. We flirt a ton. That never seems to be an issue. He loves being suggestive & asking me to come visit him, but I have made it clear I will not, since we aren’t dating & I am more than a booty call. If I post a photo/social media post, he will text me right away saying “You’re so cute” etc…

    I am disappointed at this point and unsure of what to do. Every time we talk now, I just sit back feeling like “Why are we even talking?”