Is he THAT busy?


Is he THAT busy?


  • mindoverthinking
    October 7, 2016 at 7:18 am #113499
    Is he THAT busy?

    My partner of 3 years (I’m 19, he’s 22) got a casual job as a laborer. When first applying for the job, the hours appealed to him as they were only 5 hour blocks and it was in an IT based role. Since being employed, they have not once placed him behind a computer and he works 10+ hour shifts usually doing overtime as they are VERY understaffed. He work’s almost everyday from 3pm-1/2am, with an hour commute each way. This leaves very little “relationship time” for us as I am still in University during the day. I find myself ‘nagging’ to spend time with each other before work as he sleeps in until 11am a lot. Each night I wait up for him (to TXT each other) feeling sick with worry as I am unhappy with such little interaction. (we don’t live together)

    I’m starting to really resent his job and am unsure if I can ask him to work less (maybe take each weekend off) and schedule time with his family.

    Saving is important to him, which I support fully… but it’s affecting our relationship.