IS it over?


IS it over?


  • leofcb
    August 9, 2016 at 3:44 am #107789
    IS it over?

    Was dating this girl for a month. Everything between us was going great…we were super lovey dovey and spent so much time together.
    Well, she goes on a trip and 3 days in gets pissed at me for going almost the whole day with texting her twice. So she says that she feels that everything is one sided because she went out of her way to do shit for me (gifts for when she was gone) and I couldn’t even hit her up. So she says she is out if shit is gonna be like this. And then she drops all contact with me.

    She snaps some suspect stuff: dancing with other guys and being super wasted and then having dinner with another guy (in a group setting) and then focusing the camera on him. Well she hit me up in the evening when she got back…which was like a week later. she said she didn’t know what to tell me but said she would text me so she was. I saw her today and she didn’t say anything to me. I had to walk up and say hi, but that was it. Was awkward. Thoughts?