Mixed signals and weird phone habits ??


Mixed signals and weird phone habits ??

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    September 8, 2016 at 3:27 am #110778
    Mixed signals and weird phone habits ??

    So I’d like a bit of insight on my situation. I met a guy towards the end of May and we really hit it off we have enough in common to have a solid conversation and we are always having a good time when together. It’s pretty obviously we are both attracted to each other and during most of June we went out multiple times I met three of his friends, he slept over once (just to sleep), we went hiking and to a quarry and he spent Fourth of July hangin out with me.
    So in July I left for a month to go to Costa Rica while he stayed and he spent time with me on the day before I left telling me how’d he miss me etc etc but we left on a good note. Throughout the entire month of July we texted and sent updates and everything was flirty and he kept asking when I got back bc he said “we needed to hang out” etc. so when I returned he had started soccer camp so I knew he was busy and school as well but he usually comes for the weekends because he works here (he goes to a different university 40min

    September 8, 2016 at 3:28 am #110779

    away but lives in the same city as me).
    Anyways I made it obvious that I had time to hangout and was waiting for him to invite me to do something or say he was free but two weeks went by and I finally asked him to come up one night for a party and he said he’d try to bc his car broke but he came bc he got his friend to drive him. Except he didn’t tell me he was coming until midnight and I only got to talk to him for ten minutes at the bar before his friend had to take him back (his phone was dead). two days later he told me he’d definitely hit me up after he got off work and we could hangout.
    He never did and I asked what happened over text and He never answered. I texted in a couple days again just like “hey how are you” and he replied like normal then I asked one more time what had happened and he never replied. At this point I was very annoyed but didn’t text again.
    Then that weekend I sent one more text and asked what he was doing and he never replied. a week went bye and we

    September 8, 2016 at 8:54 am #110781

    I texted the next day and asked what he was up to because he obviously posted on snapchat that he was in Town all morning but never made an effort to hang out or reply. He said he had already gone back to school to do homework.
    Again I was annoyed bc we had a long weekend and HE texted ME then just didn’t ask to do anything. Finally I’ve just been so sick of the mixed signals that we were having a casual convo and I just asked straight up (not in a mean way just casual) if he was still interested in talking to me.
    It’s been two days and he has read receipts on so he hasn’t even opened my message or replied. I didn’t really expect him to because he didn’t reply to my other questioning text. But I am just frustrated that he would show up where I was and never even text me that he was coming to town or ask what I was doing.
    He is a bit shy in person and has never had a girlfriend but I’m just so confused and I keep trying to move on but he keeps coming back into the picture. Also

    September 8, 2016 at 8:55 am #110782

    another weird fact is that he hasn’t opened my snapchat in four weeks and he never watches my stories but he does like all my Instagram pictures. So I know he’s active on social media and he also posts snapchat stories when he hasn’t texted me back. Although over the summer he did mention to me it would upset him that I would send him snaps of me having fun while he didn’t get to be there so maybe he just starting ignoring me on snap??
    His friend has told me he’s interested in me and likes me and when we are in person everything is great and I’m reassured but I just very confused and I don’t understand why he can’t tell me yes or no if he’s still interested so I can just move on or not.
    He’s referenced the future a lot and talked about things we didn’t get to do like “we never got to play soccer together”
    Etc etc he even said he’d give me a tour of his campus and that I should transfer there. I don’t want to come off as needy and desperate but at this point I’d just like an

    September 8, 2016 at 8:55 am #110780

    a week went bye and we didn’t talk at all then the next weekend I found out through his friend that he was in Knoxville and had gone out with his friend(who is also my friend) so at this point I was ready to move on because he was obviously not interested.
    Then the next night our mutual friend showed up at the party I was at with this guy I liked and he acted completely normal. Obviously I was confused so I wasn’t all over him or as warm as usually but I didn’t bring up the subject of him never replying. Then I left the party and he followed me to the bar for a bit but I couldn’t have a serious talk bc he had drove his friend. Later he dropped me off at my apartment. He did mention he had four exams that past week but I never got an apology or explanation.
    The next day he texted me first with just “hey” and we casually texted but he stopped replying that night to me and I found out through more mutual friends he had gone out again (he posted a picture with my friend as well).

    September 8, 2016 at 8:55 am #110783

    I’d just like an answer because we’ve been talking for three months and I don’t want to waste anymore time.
    He also mentioned when we started talking he didn’t like texting but we could do it so I appreciate his effort but he usually keeps the convo for a while then never replies. Or his replies take 2hours-a day.
    Sorry for the super long post but there’s just so many mixed signals I really like him and I feel like I’ve shown him that and he obviously wanted to be around me when he came so?…. I don’t know what to do now. He never replied to whether he was interested in me or not

    Send dr Phil haha