My gf cheated on me. Help…


My gf cheated on me. Help…

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    April 16, 2018 at 5:07 pm #170809
    My gf cheated on me. Help…

    I found out my gf cheated on me with this guy. We were going through some rough patches and she was having a hard time finding a job and having visa issues. Her familys back overseas. It seems she needed another shoulder to lean on emotionally and this guy did intentionally take advantage of her. She’s confessed everything and she’s devastated about what she’s done and its result on our relationship. She’s asking for another chance but i cant get the images out of my head. She has been so kind sweet and caring during our relationship. But I dont know if i ever will be able to kiss her or make love to her without being reminded of what shes done with him. Im so torn on what to do… any advice?

    April 16, 2018 at 11:58 pm #170846

    Personally, I don’t believe good people “cheat”. If someone isn’t strong enough to face the person they “love” and tell them: “I want more than this.” “I don’t believe we make a good match” “etc” ; then they are not worth investing your lifetime into. Remember that you need to keep in mind your best interests and future; and don’t fall for the “she needs help so I should sacrifice everything to help her, good guy” trap. There are those who can only help themselves and will take everything if you let them. My advice is have a direct discussion letting her know that you can’t trust her anymore and that, if nothing else, the two of you need time away from each other. Then once you are not constantly thinking about her, review this very topic and figure for yourself if she is the one or not – I think your answer will be clear at that point.