My girlfriend is mad because she thinks my mom is not minding her business…


My girlfriend is mad because she thinks my mom is not minding her business…

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    June 22, 2015 at 2:10 am #81404
    My girlfriend is mad because she thinks my mom is not minding her business…

    Im 20 and my girlfriend is 19. Shes mad cuz my mom said to me it didnt make sense that she was allowed by her mom to sleep over her friends house where there would be alcohol, but she is not allowed to drive to my house that is 10 blocks away. She has a driveway and i dont, which means i am stuck looking for parking and parking blocks away from my house at 2-3AM. Meanwhile if she could drive to my house all she would have to do it take the 5 minute drive to her house, and park 10 feet from her door. I look for parking for at least 30 mins every night, and sometimes park 4+ blocks away. Now she’s saying its none of my moms business meanwhile it is because I’m her son and she’s worrying about me driving around for 30mins to an hour and then walking home late at night. Is my mom wrong for saying that? My family docent even have a good relationship with her because they barely see her. I go to her house on holidays because her mom dosent allow her to leave. What do you think

    June 23, 2015 at 10:05 am #81413

    Im 38 and mom still does not mind her own business. Can you blame her though? She looking out for her son. No problem there. I date women I dont even want in the same county as my mom and some that I cant wait for them to meet mom. People tend to create their own scenarios and begin judgmental thoughts when they dont know the whole story. So here is what you do. Calm your girlfriends nerves about your mom by passing her off as “old fashioned”. Then allow them to meet on a personal level. Your common ground, so invite your mom and girlfriend out to eat and pay! A neutral place so the both feel equal and have a friendly dinner. Let them get to know each other. Fact is moms gonna be there with this girl breaks you heart but your girlfriends will come and go. So if your GF doesnt respect mom. I wouldn’t put too much effort into it. Keep in mind that gf and mom are in a sense fighting for the same man.