My happiness VS. My parents LONG STORY


My happiness VS. My parents LONG STORY

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    August 23, 2017 at 4:13 am #146575
    My happiness VS. My parents LONG STORY

    Here’s a little back story:
    My best friend started dating this new guy that she met at a club, which was pretty funny because she didn’t even want to go to begin with but I begged her to come with me and a group of friends.. After a couple weeks, they decided to go clubbing again expect she asked me to go with her, so she wouldn’t be the only girl among all his guy friends. I really didn’t expect much, I was just going to keep her company and maybe just have some drinks. I wasn’t expecting to meet no guys especially because I had a 3 year off & on relationship with my ex.
    When we arrived at the club her new bf ”Tony” introduced me to his friend “Erick”. I really didn’t think nothing of it, he just seemed like a cool person that was casually hanging out at our table.

    After an hour, I was OVER IT. My Bff was all up on her boy and I was there basically by myself, playing on my phone so I wouldn’t look like such a loser. “Erick” could probably tell that I was bored out of my mind,

    August 23, 2017 at 4:14 am #146576

    because he walked over and handed me a drink. He was so down to earth a we basically talked until the club closed. After buying me flowers, we exchanged and we both agreed to see eachother again.

    My parents have never had an issue with me dating anyone, unless it was someone they approved of, and this is where it started getting tricky..
    My family was this image of who they want me to be with: Tall, Fair Skin and Attractive.
    And if they won’t fall under those categories, they’ll basically rip this person apart. So that’s the type I want for, because subconsciously I felt like those were the only guys I felt I was “allowed” to date. My mom was happy that I moved on from my ex but it started getting tricky when she asked for a pic. She knew was up because every time I would start dating someone the first thing I would do (looking for approval?) After her confronting me about it, I told her the truth and showed her pictures of him.
    I got the reaction I expected, she shut him right down. She couldn’t imagine why a “beautiful” like me would ever go for a guy like that. It broke my heart.. But i didnt expect nothing more from her, but I tried to convince her that the pictures didn’t do him much justice, so she said she wanted to meet him in person.

    August 23, 2017 at 9:00 am #146578

    One of my coworkers daughters was having a birthday party so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for them to meet. As the days got closer and closer, I got so nervous.
    I really wanted to go well so that I could continue to see this awesome guy.
    The day came and well that’s when the glass shattered..

    My mom saved her feelings until we got home. My mom was so upset, and I had never seen her act as nasty as she did then. I tried to explain to her that regardless of what she thought I was going to see this guy but she wasn’t having it. She basically told me that she wasn’t going to have my back (she’s the liberal parent) and she wasn’t going to allow it. To make matters worse, she described him as a total monster to my father. I was in a hole and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop seeing this guy. He was different yes, but more than just a physical way. He was kind, and respectful.. And shared the same morals and goals as me.