Need Advice About an Approach


Need Advice About an Approach

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    January 21, 2013 at 11:16 pm #20869
    Need Advice About an Approach

    So there’s this one girl in a class of mine that I’ve noticed downright staring at me before. Whenever I would even look in her general direction she would immediately look down. These to me are clear indicators. I however, was stupid enough for a variety of reasons to not approach. Now she doesn’t really look at me, though I do see an occasional glance, etc.
    I should have approached her sooner, but that’s a mistake that I don’t want to be making for any longer than I have already.

    My question is: Given I’ve never approached her or talked to her, and she’s given me so many signals already, would any initial interest still be there? How should I approach her? Generally I don’t have problems with these sorts of approaches, but this one has me a little worried in the sense that she’s just lost all interest because of how long I’ve waited.

    January 22, 2013 at 10:21 am #20893

    You’re just over thinking it a little bit. I think there’s definitely still a chance for you to talk to her!
    The only thing you have to come up with is something she’d be interested in replying to. There’s nothing less attractive than a guy trying to pick up a girl and it be some no-brainer question or joke. First, always start with a “hi, my name is…” and smile!

    Are you two old enough to go to a bar? How about go watch a school sports team? Even if she doesn’t like either things, say “Either way, here’s my number if you’d like to hang out…” It sounds a bit bold to leave the number but hey, no time to waste right? You want to get to know her, well the only chance you have of that happening is if you hang out!

    Start with group hang outs, not just one on one and she’ll feel comfortable bringing a girlfriend along with her and you guys can go from there! Sounds easier said than done, but even if she rejects you, don’t let it get to your head. I’m sure there will be another pretty girl staring at you during the next class 🙂