Need advice maintaining contact/attraction with someone in another state


Need advice maintaining contact/attraction with someone in another state

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    October 11, 2016 at 2:09 pm #113783
    Need advice maintaining contact/attraction with someone in another state

    I met a girl while she was visiting NYC with some old friends of mine (I’m originally from the DC area). We had a really good time, and ended up making out in a club at the end of the night. We did not share a bed or have sex that night, but later on she told me that she wanted to but “didn’t want to seem too easy”. Fair enough.

    After she went back to Virginia, we’ve been texting fairly regularly, and she’s indicated an interest in hooking up next time we meet. We have some vague plans to hang out next time I visit home, but I just got a new job here in the city and might not have time to visit before Thanksgiving. Though our text conversations are fun and flirty, they are starting to get a bit repetitive. I don’t want to end up killing the vibe with an endless stream of “how are you, oh I’m fine thanks” type conversations. Is there something I can say/do to help maintain the attraction until I can meet her in person?

    October 13, 2016 at 3:03 pm #114025

    Depends… it depends what you want out of her. Sex? It will show. You wont be able to maintain for long unless you are absolutely 100% positive she is only in it for that. You will wear yourself out essentially.

    So.. do you want a relationship with her? Something long and lasting? Its long distance, she moved back to another state. So to answer your need for advice on maintaining contact and attraction level with someone in another state.. its going to come down to what you want out of her. It sounds like sex tbh, be real, it was a hookup at a club, then she goes home hours away. How far do you really expect this to go? Be real with yourself. What will probably happen is you will be a guy she has as an option to bed when she happens to be in town, otherwise she will be with her real guy or guys where she lives hours away. I would not even pursue this woman