Need advice on how to best get her back


Need advice on how to best get her back

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    May 8, 2016 at 3:57 pm #99962
    Need advice on how to best get her back

    So, long story short, I’m in college and have been hooking up with this girl un-exclusively for a little over a month. The semester is over and she’s now back home. I started talking to her at the end of March and by now she has spent the night at my place over 10 times and we’ve had a lot of sex, but our relationship extends to more than that. I’ve taken her out on nice dates and spent a lot of time with her even doing homework. We established early on that even though we both like each other a lot (I think I like her a little more than she likes me though, I’ll explain why later), we aren’t going to keep things going for the summer since she lives 5-6 hours away from me. The problem is that I really really like this girl more than I thought I would because this is the first time I’ve ever consistently hooked up and spent time with one girl. My entire life I have been sort of a player who usually is either annoyed or bored of a girl by the second or third time.

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    May 8, 2016 at 4:05 pm #99965

    I’ve never had sex with a single girl more than I’ve had with this one. She’s special to me, and she’s only been gone for four days, and I already miss her a lot. I explained to her that I have trust issues and when I asked her what she thought about next semester, she told me the truth, which I appreciated, but also worried me. She said that she can’t promise me that we can pick up where we left because there are also guys back home who she talks to. I hope she sees something special in me, because I treat her so well and make a conscious effort to try and play it cool even though I wish I could be with her most of the time. The bad timing of this quasi-relationship is what has me so worried, and I just need advice on how to communicate with her this summer so that she still maintains some interest in me. Also, how should I approach her next semester so that we can pick it up again. Even better than picking up where we left off would be just wiping the slate clean.

    May 9, 2016 at 9:05 am #99966

    The problem is not that I won’t focus on other girls this summer, because I will, and I know she’ll have other guys, but I just want her when we both get back. Do I try and make her chase next semester, or make her a little jealous? Should I just text her once a month over the summer and then hope to randomly run into her next semester? It’s weird because she didn’t seem like she wanted to text too much over the summer and as much as I would like to do that, I also understand because constant long distance texting can ruin the spark of a relationship. Any advice or perspective will help. Thanks!