Need help with girls 8th Grade


Need help with girls 8th Grade


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    September 22, 2016 at 6:24 pm #112244
    Need help with girls 8th Grade

    Let me give you some background.
    I am an 8th grader in a small catholic school (not saying I am catholic) that goes up to 8th grade.
    I have 6 people in my class, 4 boys including me, and 2 girls (one of them I like.)
    Over the summer I attended a camp where for some reason they had a dance.
    My stupid roommates at the camp got a girl to go to the dance with me (without my permission)
    I went, we had a good time, and that was that.
    I told the 2 girls in my class about it (ik a bad idea) and now they wont let it go.
    In the 7th grade there is 11 students, 3 of them are boys.
    I was stupid and told one of the boys in my class (Alex) I liked Sofia (one of the girls in 7th) not thinking anything of it.
    He the next day told the entire class, 7th grade as far as I know has no idea.
    I am also in Karate where Alex trains as well.
    I was at a 3 hour class where Lilly (one of the girls in Karate) asked me if I could help her with something.
    (continued in comments)

    September 22, 2016 at 6:29 pm #112245

    There was no room in the main room so we went in the back room.
    I helped her then we worked together in the back room for the rest of the 3 hours.
    (I do like Lilly a bit)
    The next day Alex tells the class about Lilly.
    (my name is Thomas)
    They are starting calling me Thilly and Thofea
    So my questions are:
    1. How to get a girl like Sofia or Lilly to like me
    2. How to get my class to shut up
    (if you need descriptions or any additional info just comment bellow)