Need some advice.


Need some advice.

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    December 21, 2015 at 10:26 pm #90400
    Need some advice.

    There is a girl at work that I’d see once in a while. We’d smile and say hello to each other, but over time I’d heard she was dating someone, so I kind of put her in the back of my mind. Then, one day, I ran into a mutual friend, who she happened to be hanging out with, and he introduced us. turns out the attraction was mutual, so a bunch of us went out one night, and we left together. We woke up early and talked for a bit before going to work. later I asked her to dinner, but she had to cancel. next day, she said eff it lets go grab a meal. We had a great time, her body language read as interested, and it was a great date. then my dumb ass went for a kiss and she turned a cheek. it didn’t seem to matter at the time, but as time has drawn on she’s seemed to pull away a bit. Ran into her today, and we had some tepid conversation, but she wasn’t in a rush to end it.

    What’s the play here? we are both out of town until after new years, just let it hang or keep light convo? thanks

    December 22, 2015 at 11:21 am #90420

    She’s thinking of you… You better check in with her or she’ll find someone else to chat with..

    “If she’s not drunk texting you on NY’s… you’re not the one!”

    Good luck!

    December 23, 2015 at 1:02 am #90439

    She wants to be friends. If women are interested they will follow through and be responsive. If not, they will back away. Women are typically too afraid to be up front, which has lead to far too many men, including myself, to best ring along until they get the hint.

    December 23, 2015 at 3:21 am #90446

    Ask her. Why can’t you say “hey, I thought you seemed to like me. Was I reading something wrong?” It might be that there is something else going on – maybe her breakup was recent and she wasn’t ready to be physical.

    If that makes you too uncomfortable, I would walk away. As a woman, I agree that women are not always upfront with their feelings and may respond passively to let you know about them.