New relationship help.


New relationship help.

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    January 22, 2013 at 7:29 pm #20995
    New relationship help.

    Well we started dating last week but we’ve been talking for a few months. We started as good friends and turned out we had a lot in common and value similar things in a partner, so you could say we were best friends. Her family is amazing and I love spending time with them. She’s a cheerleader and i go to her games with her mom and just talk to her mom the whole time.
    We would cuddle and talk for hours when we would hangout, when we were just friends. We always go to her house or mine, never movies or a date. We always have something to talk about and I’m good friends with her best friends. I can always make her smile and she can do the same with me. She’s a good girl and has done nothing past kissing, and same with me. She’s very nice and I know I can trust her.
    Now she’s telling me she misses me and wants to hangout all the time but she just wants time for herself too. She hasn’t dated anyone in a while and she said its hard for her to transition from no one wanting her to someone wanting her a lot.
    I enjoy sending her good morning texts but they always lead to a conversation, should I send them to her every morning if she wants space? How often should I ask her to hangout? We go to the same school, I\’m a senior she\’s a sophomore, should I walk her to her classes whenever I have the chance or just once or twice a day?

    I’m a very emotional guy and can some times be obsessive and clingy, I’m trying not to be but I really like this girl so it’s hard. Any advice and answers are greatly appreciated!:)

    January 23, 2013 at 10:48 am #21011

    This is really refreshing to read! Sounds like you two are excited, happy and nervous all at once. Take it easy, text her once in a while if she’s already admitted to being a bit scared. I’m sure since you’re older she’s also worried about the pressure you may impose on her, but from the looks of it, you’re also a good guy and won’t scare her off.

    She is kind of going back and forth on what she says though, she wants to hang out, but she wants time on her own. She likes the attention she gets from you, but she’s confused because nobody has given her that kind of time before…I just think you two should keep taking it slow, if you find yourself wanting to invite her out, just let her know you’re hanging out with the boys and you just wanted to keep her in the loop.

    She wants to keep feeling wanted but by asking for space, she doesn’t mean ignore her (believe me I’ve done that with a gf and she felt like I just dissed her, when I thought I was just following orders lol) so keep in touch through text but don’t over do it and text her every time you’re away from her. It’s a silly thing to think about, it’s not a game you’re playing, but instead it’s a sensitive boundary you don’t want to cross so you don’t scare her, I get it…good luck!