No Response in Five Days


No Response in Five Days


  • anonymous1990
    September 28, 2016 at 10:50 pm #112805
    No Response in Five Days

    Hi all,

    I met a girl on Saturday going up to my buddy’s on the train. We had a great conversation, and touched on a lot of things. We joked and laughed around. She showed interest (she told me multiple times she appreciated me and I’m awesome, and I have beautiful eyes). So then I ask for her phone number, and when I got it she told me she’d be an inconsistent texter. So we had a text conversation for about an hour after I got off the train. Then she just dropped off. No responses, no nothing. I haven’t tried texting her back, but now I’m getting worried she’s not interested. I can’t figure out how I would have screwed it up in an hour (and our texts were fun, not dry). Am I worried too much? Or is 5 days too much to be an “inconsistent” texter?