overcoming the subconscious


overcoming the subconscious


  • subconsciousslave
    November 19, 2016 at 11:22 pm #117907
    overcoming the subconscious

    Looking for advice, though I’m skeptical I can be helped. Dated girl for 5 years when I was in HS/college. Loved her dearly, it was intense. It fell apart because my illusions of her being perfect were shattered and I freaked, broke up with her.

    4 years later, my subconscious reminds me literally every day of her and tells me I’m to blame for not sticking with her. Every girl I’ve been with since, I think of the first girl and have to push her out of my mind to fully be with the present girl, and I have never loved another. The physical stuff is also nowhere near to the level that it was with first girl even if the new girl is prettier. I still dream of the first girl. Reason tells me true love is imaginary and I should move on. My instincts tell me to go back to the first girl. Reason says I won’t be happy with her. But reason also says I’ll never be able to overcome my subconscious screaming at me, not allowing me to be fully with a new girl. How do I get over this mental torment