Quarter Life Crisis – Need advice


Quarter Life Crisis – Need advice


  • Ashb00
    March 27, 2017 at 5:09 am #131205
    Quarter Life Crisis – Need advice

    Im having a bit of a quarter life crisis if that’s a thing.

    Bit of a long story.
    So ive always been a bit of a geek introvert, always kept saying ill date when i lose weight (currently 105Kg) and get my own place.
    When i turned 24 i was still a virgin, so i tried some NSA sites but to no luck, i got desperate and well paid a Taiwanese escort
    Im 26 now still living with my parents, house prices horrendous and i dont make enough/they dont want me to fall into rent trap.
    But yeah ive been afraid to date because ive been a bit too self conscious about telling my date that i still live my parents

    I do want a relationship someone i can cuddle up with and we can discuss our inner most thoughts – but yeah when i get my own place
    So in the meantime ive been trying NSA sites but no one on those sites is really into a friendly chubby guy that likes to cuddle
    Frankly Im also a bit scared that by the time i get my own place ill be out of my sexual prime with very little experience

    Any thoughts?

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    Louis Richards
    March 27, 2017 at 11:19 am #131241

    I get it, But what if you start saving up money and try to start a small business or some other ways of income so you can get more money and it allows you to move out?

    March 27, 2017 at 12:08 pm #131246

    let go of the “sexual prime” part. for 1.. a male’s sexual prime is when he’s 18 – so you’re past it anyway lol. for 2. “sexual prime” just means when your hormones are going wild and that’s all you can think about – it has nothing to do with ABILITY to have sex. How long a man can continue to have sex is different for every man – but men are having sex well into middle age (i’m 48.. doing just fine)…

    NOTE: you said yer “chubby” – know that DIET has a lot to do with a man’s sexual longevity – b/c our sexual performance is based on BLOOD FLOW. If you are doing things that are not good for your blood flow (the same things that lead to heart attack) – you’re shortening your sexual longevity.

    It’s fine to go ahead and try to date but yes, you’re more “desirable” if you live on your own and have a more independent/adult life situation going on. So work on that first. (Or I guess if you want to keep doing escorts, that’s a possibility too).