"Seeya around" – Negative connotation?


"Seeya around" – Negative connotation?

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    March 16, 2014 at 2:48 am #49334
    "Seeya around" – Negative connotation?

    I met a guy 3 weeks ago (he was my waiter) and there was instant chemistry. He seemed really into me too: long eye contact, smiling, flirting, etc. I left him my number but he never contacted. I chalked it up to him being after a good tip and let it go. I ran into him at the same bar but this time his band was playing. After the gig he came up to my friend and I and said he remembered us and talked to us for awhile. The deep eye contact, smiling, flirting, joking, etc. continued and I was (am) super attracted to him. My friend got to rambling and kinda scared him off a little (she talked forever…) and he started walking around and talking to the other musicians/patrons in the bar. He looked over at me a few times more that night but I was a chicken and kind of ignored him the rest of the evening. Not cold shoulder just didn’t initiate contact. When he and his bandmate were leaving I said “bye” and he smiled and said “seeya around” as he walked past me. Is it a brushoff?

    March 16, 2014 at 2:51 am #49335

    Also, I sent him a friend request on Facebook. He hasn’t accepted it yet (nor declined it) after 3 days. I also sent him a message saying I liked the music they played and gave him a link to a band I thought he would be interested in, and said I hoped to hear more soon.
    I kept it casual. According to FB, he apparently hasn’t read the message yet.
    I don’t want to come off desperate but I am really interested in this guy.