She just doesn't try


She just doesn't try

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    October 15, 2016 at 11:43 pm #114223
    She just doesn't try

    I just need some professional advice at this moment. Right now my girlfriend at I are at a bit of a road for the past while. Like all the time I’ve asked her to not do things that bother me, she still does them and says ” I forgot”. She ends up doing something wrong and she starts crying and saying ” I’m a terrible girlfriend”. Today I was just like that’s it I’m tired of being understand it’s gotten me nowhere so I decided to just be like this is what needs to happen I’m done. Before I talked to her about this she starts talking about how shes going to get a fucking TATTOO with her friend on her day off… She never even ran by the tattoo with me saying hey I’m going to get this and along with that she’s able to make time for her fucking friend but not me!? Now shes mad and I don’t know WHY because I didn’t even do anything! I just need some help here

    October 18, 2016 at 6:35 am #114411

    it seems to me that the two of you never really clarified the type of relationship your lookin for from each other…despite what most people say about how a relationship is suppose to naturally fall into place,that is not being realistic…you need to sit her down and discuss what you expect from her and listen to what she expects from you

    October 18, 2016 at 10:28 am #114431

    She sounds as confused, as to where you two are at, as you are. Need to talk to her. Ask her what she expects from you, what she wants out of the relationship. Does she see you as a good match? Why? Are there things you could be doing differently? What are they?

    These are things to ask cause I suspect there is something she is thinking about she is not telling you, based on her actions. She is acting out, and leaving you in the dark when it comes to answers. If you ask what is wrong, she might tell you. There is something wrong.. and she NEEDS to tell you… otherwise who are you and what are you doing ‘dating’ her. Don’t turn yourself into ‘some guy’ who is there for her.. when she wants you to be. If you are dating her, you are part of her life. Does she want that?? Does not sound like she does by her actions. So tell her that. Listen. If she refuses to tell you, then there is nothing for you to work on. You can tell her that too. Hopefully she wakes up before you decide to leave.