she wont let me date.


she wont let me date.

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    August 26, 2014 at 7:49 pm #60189
    she wont let me date.

    I really like this girl my mom and me we are having problems.
    first my mom never hits me . me and my bother got into a fight at mcdonalds we threw ketchup on each fooling older im 15 he is 13. i got some ketchup on some woman clothes and my mom had to reinburst her for the damage. my mom freak out on me told me i was a immature baby and my brother to in front of people in mcdonlads. Leaving mcdonalds she told us that she should get us some pacifers and some pampers and a playpen. people were looking at me. like she was right. she took away my x box my i pod and cell i cant go out on weekends now. on the car ride home she is yelling at us telling us when she goes to wallmart she should buy us a crib and stuff.telling me we made her look like a bad mother shes being a total ***** to me.Can i turn her into CPS for abuse saying those things to me? isnt it slander or something saying lies i cant ask her out if im grounded she dont get that my mom. i told her i was sorry.

    August 27, 2014 at 7:53 pm #60263

    NO you can not. Honey you are young and don’t quite understand what its like to be a mother. She cares about you kids cause if she didn’t she wouldn’t even bother yelling at you. think about it, if someone didn’t care they wouldn’t bother or deal with you. Let her yell and say that stuff she’s just frustrated! Just LET IT GO!