Should I persist?


Should I persist?


  • User1234
    February 27, 2017 at 6:30 am #128348
    Should I persist?

    I was chatting to girl on tinder for about a month, we got along really well. After about a week I asked her on date and she went quiet. Three days later I gave her a nudge, she gave me her number.

    I asked her out that Wednesday – said she had plans but they’re likely to cancel – They didn’t so we rearranged for wed next week.

    The night before she says she’s on painkillers for a trapped nerve in her shoulder so can’t make it.

    I said let me know if you want to reconvene, The next day (The Wednesday) she says I have an interview Thurs but shoulder feels better and she should be able to come. – texts later on that day saying now has another interview at 9am so cant make it and says we should try 3rd time lucky.

    Next day I ask her how interview went. she texts back about interview. The next text I send asking about her weekend she ignores

    My question is what do you think – was she too busy? Did she not really want to date me? Should I try again in a few weeks time?