Strange Relationship


Strange Relationship

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    June 12, 2015 at 2:38 pm #80812
    Strange Relationship

    Hello Y’all!

    I have a dating question that I’d really appreciate some interpretation!

    I met this girl at my part-time job. We worked together, so to avoid being rude I talked to her (I usually never talk to women casually like I did with her). Well after 3-4 months of knowing her, we added eachother on facebook. The very next morning, she wished me a good day. For the next few weeks, we chatted on facebook, and conversation initiating was about 50/50 (neither of us was starting the conversation more than the other). Then finally she suggests we hang out, I ask her on a date, and she enthusiastically accepts.

    Date was good – we just had dinner. I should’ve planned more, but forgot (this was my first date). I suggested we see a movie sometime, and she agreed.

    After date, I messaged her, she said she had a good time too. Again agreed to 2nd date. Didn’t initiate conversations, though did reply. She couldn’t fit in 2nd date


    June 12, 2015 at 2:43 pm #80813

    Couldn’t fit in 2nd date before she left home for the summer.

    She suggested we do it when she gets back – which is 3 months.

    So… MY QUESTION – is this her way of subtly rejecting me? She did very clearly and repeatedly agree to second date, so if she wanted to reject me, I feel like I gave her plenty of opportunities. And she did suggest having the date when she got back, if she wanted to reject me she could have just said “sorry we couldn’t make it”. Is this truly just an issue created by scheduling (her flying back home for the summer and final exams) or is it some extremely roundabout, indirect, cruel way of rejecting me?

    June 14, 2015 at 5:31 pm #80862

    This is rather tricky. Some women, (not all mind you) have problems saying “no” as it comes off as the “end all” answer. They in truth don’t like to shoot us guys down as some of us can be total jerks about it. Others just can’t handle that level of guilt. Some women play things by tradition, they’ll not initiate conversation as it’s the “old school” courting process for guys to do all that. It shows us as strong “in control” types. But there is no universal list that sums all that up. Try keeping in touch with her and gauge how she responds. Does she take ages to return a message? Are her texts often short and lacking any real detail or consideration? All you can do is play it by ear. Either she’ll eventually cold shoulder you out through lack of communication, or she’ll keep things up and give you that date when she returns.