The ultimate in mixed signals (shy guy POV requested)


The ultimate in mixed signals (shy guy POV requested)

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    January 30, 2016 at 8:19 pm #92483
    The ultimate in mixed signals (shy guy POV requested)

    So I just moved to a new town for work and since I don’t know anyone out here, I decided online dating would at the very least be a way to see what’s going on around here and meet new people. I wasn’t looking for anything serious but hit it off REALLY well with the first guy I started talking to! We have a lot in common and he offered to drive me to the store when I mentioned taking a taxi. We kind of bummed around the store talking and getting to know each other. When he took me home, I invited him up to hang out for a little while, he lives 20 min away and I didn’t feel right sending him home after taking me shopping. We listened to music and talked for a while and ended up making out for HOURS, but that’s all. He said he had to leave (an hour before he actually did) and everything seemed good.

    4 days later and I’ve gotten 1 reply from him… I know he works long hours on the weekends. Should I be worried? Would a guy make out with a girl for that long and not want a second date?

    January 30, 2016 at 8:37 pm #92484


    There were a few things that happened during the “date?” that might be relevant…

    -He WOULD NOT make eye contact, like at all. To the point that at one point I made a joke about “I’m not that difficult to look at am I?” He laughed a little and said no (that said, I did catch him stealing glances at me when I looked away)

    – I felt really weird being the aggressive one and pulled away a few times and either went into a laughing fit or apologized for being so awkward. He would either put his arm around my waist when I did or tell me it was ok.

    -He mentioned a few times that he wished he had a beer, so he would be a little more comfortable.

    -I’m kind of worried I was too “comfortable” with him. I’m fresh out of a 6 year relationship and I don’t remember if gently scratching a guys neck is too intimate for first date territory.

    -The text he replied to was an invitation to see a band we both like and his reply was “I’ve seen them a few times. I might be interested.” Which I honestly have no idea how to take.

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    February 1, 2016 at 9:05 am #92500

    Coming off too strong can be a turn off. Just take it day by day and keep it casual. It’s important that he likes you as a person before things get serious. I hope this helped.