Thoughts on this situation?


Thoughts on this situation?


  • zenman22
    September 17, 2016 at 12:54 pm #111746
    Thoughts on this situation?

    I (M 31) had lunch with a girl (23) I’ve known for a while. Good 3 hour conversation. I paid for lunch & hugged her goodbye, so I think I gave the signal that I’m interested. She told me which days of the week she’s free to meet again.

    Today, I asked about this weekend. Told me she’s busy tonight & festival tomorrow. I’m going to the same festival, so I said let’s meet up, & I asked what bands she’s seeing. She listed them & said the guy she’s going with wants to see this one band. I asked if she’s seeing him, & she said

    her: yea I think it’s a date, but I’m not sure. he didn’t make it clear.
    me: I can stay away at the festival if it helps
    her: it might be a good idea just in case
    me: ok, wish it was me and not him! Have fun
    her: thx you too
    me: let me know if you wanna meet up next week
    her: maybe Sunday. Worst case scenario Wednesday

    Thoughts? Is she’s not interested? Saying it’s a good idea to stay away tomorrow seems weird. & if she isn’t interested, why suggest Wednesday?