told my hookup he was too old now he Dont want to talk


told my hookup he was too old now he Dont want to talk

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    August 5, 2014 at 3:43 pm #58839
    told my hookup he was too old now he Dont want to talk

    So started hooking up with a guy, that I work with, he’s technically old enough to be Meh dad, but he’s hot and doesn’t look his age and has no kids. Well I started to evaluate my life and told him he’s too old for me and it makes me feel weird now. I know I led him on.
    Now he doesn’t want to talk to me or hangout outside of work at all He said I now made home feel weird for my ageist point of view on him, and it wouldn’t be appropriate BC he doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable. He also said I offended him BC I said he was too old for me. Am I wrong? I really like him as a person but Dont want to lose my friend. I tried to explain myself and he said I just made things worse. How can I fix this? Or can I?
    I feel so bad BC he’s a great guy and I’m just young and dumb

    August 8, 2014 at 10:27 pm #59081

    Sounds like you hurt his feelings pretty bad. Telling someone he’s too old probably made him feel like he was being a dirty old man, even though you were clearly interested in him.

    The best you can do is apologize for hurting his feelings and let him know that while you realized you weren’t comfortable in a relationship, you think he’s cool and you enjoy his company. But more than likely, the friendship has been broken. Give it time… let him chill and maybe after a while he’ll be ready to rebuild the friendship.