Trust Issues


Trust Issues

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    January 6, 2016 at 6:59 am #91085
    Trust Issues

    Well my gf and I have been dating for few months now and I’m a little uncertain about her actions. first let me mention that she admitted to have had a history of sleeping around for a few years but ended that part of her life 6 months ago. We had a break up because her phone was bloated with dating apps and messages from her past FWB who she told me prior to break up all hit on her. She told me I treated her better than any guy has and she’s used to and tired of douchebags. That she doesn’t want to lose me. I gave her another chance, not out of naivety but curiosity if anything would change. She changed her phone and number for me and deleted all her dating apps. Guys still hit her up on fb but she tells them off. I’ve gone through her phone and seen evidence of that without her knowing, so I felt better. But immediately after I dumped her prior, she started hitting the gym, which I know can be hunting grounds. We’re back together after a few weeks of separation and she’s still going there. She has a female personal trainer. I’ve gone with her and witnessed it… but should I be worried?

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