Trust issues? being played? HELP!


Trust issues? being played? HELP!


  • Champagne
    March 16, 2017 at 2:16 pm #130315
    Trust issues? being played? HELP!

    I need advice.

    We’ve dated a few months, she lives a busy life, with kids every 2nd week, many male friends who hang round her house.
    She went from very intense and wrote nice words, kept in contact alot, all this have ceased almost overnight.
    We never talk any future, and after some months Im still referd to as ” a friend” when someone calls and ask where she is.
    We are 40+

    She says she has trouble talking feelings, but if something should change she would tell me.
    The last guy she was unfaithful 2x after 1.5 yrs just to find out if she still ” had feelings left.

    She took a call on her phone today, I happen to see that she had about 50+ Message in KIK, a few weeks ago, she had 0 and said she stopped using dating hook up / apps. She is now back to hardly communicating.
    am I beeing played?

    What would you have done?
    Should I end it ?
    There is no progess, still she says she understands that I need communication in order for this to work and still does the opposite?

    March 22, 2017 at 7:15 am #130769

    I would try and ask her why she doesn’t want to communicate. If she keeps up with the dating site activity you definitely need to talk about it, find out why she’s going back to these sites. Really the biggest part of it is trust. If you can’t trust them either bring up the situation and work out the kinks or end it.