Was he interested in the first place?


Was he interested in the first place?


  • LizzyB
    May 28, 2017 at 8:30 pm #137807
    Was he interested in the first place?

    Here’s the basic info about the people involved: I’m a girl in her early twenties who lives in Berlin, he’s a French man in his early-forties.

    I met him a couple of weeks ago during a trip abroad. Long story short: he’s really funny and smart, I found him very attractive (but never gave him any hint of that) and I think he liked me too.

    He was really nice and respectful the whole time, so I was very delighted when he said he would love to keep in touch because he had really enjoyed spending time with me. I gave him my email not really expecting him to write, but to my surprise, as soon as he was back in France, we emailed me, saying again that he was really happy because we had met. So, I emailed him back asking how the rest of his trip was and blah blah, but he hasn’t replied in a week.

    So, why the sudden loss of interest?

    PS:I know the age gap may seem odd, but that’s another story, besides I’m +18 & always had a thing for older men, so thank you (really) for not being judgmental