Was this an rude guy in disguise?


Was this an rude guy in disguise?

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    January 8, 2016 at 3:22 pm #91357
    Was this an rude guy in disguise?

    I met this guy from online. I did not expect how amazing he would be. We went on a few dates and we had already fallen for each other. He was super sweet to me, paid for everything even though I’d offer, he was thoughtful, fun.. Everything a true gentleman would entail. Things were going really well, and we ended up having sex one night. That’s when it got weird. We had never really talked about what either of us were looking for. He told me he was looking for something casual. But that changed when he met me. He said I was such a special girl and he was starting to fall for me. He said he never expected this much from one date, which is why he wanted to stop it Before it got too far. He said him and his ex that he was engaged to broke up a few months back, and he wasn’t sure if they were officially done or if they’d get back together in the future. So he ended things with me, because he felt like I deserved someone who wants me as their first choice. Did he play me, or does he care?

    January 11, 2016 at 4:47 pm #91436

    A lot of men will say or do anything to get into bed with you. On the first few dates, he should have been honest about her. He also should have said what he was looking for before he got into bed with you. You have to be completely clear on these things, because someone will usually get hurt if not. It’s okay to ask these questions, because it’s better to know then not know. He wanted to seem like the nice, caring guy who didn’t want to hrut your feelings. But in the end he left you hurt and confused. So what kind of guy is he really then?!!

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    January 14, 2016 at 9:18 am #91542

    He is confused. Only time will tell. If he if officially finished with his ex I imagine that he will come crawling back to you. However it is quite plain from why you have described that he has feelings for you and that that extent has stopped seeing you because he doesn’t want to hurt you.