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    June 28, 2016 at 10:21 am #104194

    There is a girl that I’ve started talking to her in February this year, it was all fine and we both cared for each other and told secrets to each other, and sometimes, we’ve even had calls for hours. Until there is this one man who suddenly came up in her life in May. It was weird. She stopped talking to me. She stopped asking how I am doing, and when I text her, she ignores me, and when I call her she says I’m talking to *that man who came up in her life suddenly*, and then says “bye, talk to you later” The next day, I called her again, and she rejected my call.

    The next day, she talked to me and asked how I am, I said I’m fine and then, I asked her how she is, all of a sudden she disappears.. Like what. And then from that day, I stopped talking to her, and she every week she kept asking how I am, and then I start a conversation, she suddenly disappears.

    Btw, she isn’t bad, she is kind, loves to help people and never wanted to annoy anyone. Please advice and help me

    Thank you

    June 28, 2016 at 11:20 pm #104216

    I’ll try to give you my honest advise without sugar coating it.
    In my opinion, regardless of whether she’s bad or not she’s not treating you right. By rejecting your calls and acting generally standoffish she’s displaying-for whatever reason-she’s not interested or fully committed to seeing where your relationship could go. It seems she’s keeping you in her life because she likes the attention you give her. She’s playing games and she’s not worth it. You need to let her go and while this may seem difficult without closure, the best thing you can do is move on. By showing yourself this respect she will come to respect you because right now she’s not treating you as an equal. If she doesn’t enjoy your company that’s her loss. If you can’t cut her out of your life, I would say at least give her some space for a bit. Obviously I don’t know the full details of this situation so trust your gut, but from the context it seems like she’s only taking you in circles.

    July 5, 2016 at 8:00 am #104394

    Your’re in the friend zone and when she doesn’t communicate with you, the other guy is in the end zone. She seems nice, sometimes nice girls keep good guys in the friend zone, because they don’t want to hurt you and they like you a “little”. Don’t be mean but be firm tell her “if I can’t have all your time, I don’t want any of your time”. being a side dude or chick can suck too, but at least they get sex. Let her go

    July 6, 2016 at 6:44 pm #104569

    I wouldn’t waste my time. It feels horrible to be put on the back burner.