Weird situation


Weird situation


  • Kris005
    June 11, 2017 at 9:02 am #139145
    Weird situation

    we are friends for 2 years. She was flirting with me, but sometimes i noticed she acts this way not only with me. when we drank together we ended up holding hands touching and huggin, i kissed her and she didn’t refuse me but became nearvous after. she would always say i remember what was that night kind of in a flirty way… after i told her straight she said that she is okey with that kind of love but she can’t accept it and she doesn’t feel that way. She kind of avoided me for 2 weeks but after that all became as it used to, her flirting partly came back and last night she wanted to go to the gay club with me and drink together… i thought that it was a sign that she doesn’t mind, i tried to be touchy and flirty with her seemed like she didn’t mind but she didn’t so anything back so i stopped doing anything. I think it’s weird that she would want to drink with me after that situation. What should i do? Do i have a chance? Is she playing with me or she is trying to be a good friend?

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