What am I doing wrong.


What am I doing wrong.


  • Unsure123
    September 30, 2016 at 8:41 am #112857
    What am I doing wrong.

    My girlfriend and I have been by each other everyday for the past 7-8 months now, we are very full on and I have a very strong connection to her. However, she has made comments about me being, annoying and/or too physical. I am a very active, affectionate person, where as she is not. So I can come off as annoying/needy to her.

    We have long conversations about what needs addressing, at first I did not think much of this, as I have only been in one other relationship, (4 months). However It just feels like I am working towards siting her and what she needs/wants. And whenever I stand up for myself, when she tells me I need to make effort/change, I say I feel otherwise and that I feel in reaction, she gets very angry at me and starts to call me names, eg ugly, weird and gross, retard, etc.

    Is this “normal” behaviour, if nothing goes her way she becomes very volatile and I try to help, but it all goes astray. Any advice on what I should do?