What does she want? Need quick advice.


What does she want? Need quick advice.

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    May 6, 2015 at 3:53 pm #78522
    What does she want? Need quick advice.

    So.. I met this girl at a party last night that is definitely someone I’d be interested in giving a shot at dating. She and her friend were going to leave the party early because they had early plans the next day right as I met them, but I convinced them to hang around. They ended up staying another 2 hours just talking to me. Her friend’s boyfriend was at the party. During the course of the conversation, her friend brought up in a “just talking out loud” manner that she “had a sexy single friend here, just saying.” She didn’t say it straight at me, but since we had already been talking for an hour at that point, it seemed obvious. I ended up getting her number before they left.

    I texted her today with the end goal of asking her out Friday. She caught me by surprise by asking me if I wanted to join them (her friend and her friend’s boyfriend) on a walk to a touristy place in Boston tonight. I countered by saying I had tentative plans and wasn’t sure yet, but I wanted to one

    May 6, 2015 at 3:57 pm #78523

    up her with an offer to hang out Friday. After a delay in the texts, she got back to me saying “It would be more fun if we all hung out together.” So… she basically shot down the solo plans Friday, but still wants me to come out tonight… is this just her way of feeling more comfortable getting to know me since we only just met and spoke for a couple hours last night… or is this her way of saying I like you as a friend and don’t want to go on a one on one date with you…?

    I got so used to hook up culture that I don’t know how to start a relationship. It has been too long since my last and I really want to start one, but I feel like that want is hurting my ability to make it happen. Need quick replies, I only have like an hour to let her know if I can make it tonight…

    Leah Louu
    May 6, 2015 at 7:45 pm #78567

    I think she’s definitely interested if she asked you to hang out first. I know personally I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone I met once solo without getting to know them a little more first. I think she just wants to feel more comfortable first since you both only spoke for a couple of hours. I say go for it!