what should i do ?


what should i do ?

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    October 11, 2017 at 8:05 pm #152524
    what should i do ?

    Okay , so i just met this guy last Sunday where i go local on sundays , out and about with no expectations watching football , apparently so he sat next to me and got to know me. we got along , we exchange #’s . We hang the next day Monday Hiking , got to know each other more then we kissed first time. Then we hang Wednesday for dinner , then we had a great and got to know each other more , he took me back to his place to drink more wine. Then we had the talk he said ” i want you to be my girl ” i want to be exclusive so that means he wants me to not date other men or him dating other women. i would think its a serious talk. Plus i was going to see him Sunday after he goes to the wedding for Friday to sat! so i saw him on Sunday , we talked for a bit but then was actually tired so he was sleeping the whole day when i was watching football , weird huh once he woke up like it look like wanted to have sex and i couldn’t bc i was on my ladies day . Monday he became shady / so distant

    October 11, 2017 at 8:06 pm #152525

    ,plus i never saw this sticky note on sunday night monday morning i see this sticky note of this girl lips and # so i kinda confronted him and he said well these girls kinda snuck into my house , he made me coffee , he made me do his clothes , do some of his chores feed his plants i was so nice to do it .
    But we go for a run workout , he doesn’t talk to me he’s quiet not the same guy met , he tried to be affectionate for a little bit , like monday my mom went to the hospital and he was like sorry didn’t even comfort me at all. so he hugged me and gave me a peck , said call me later. i honestly not here to play games he 35 and I’m younger so what. Then couple hours he hit me up
    what do i do