What to do now?


What to do now?


  • SkySector
    May 24, 2017 at 9:40 pm #137548
    What to do now?

    So i think this girl likes me, she glances,stares at me,yada yada,smiles at me.
    I’m really shy to talk to her

    So were currently undergoing exams, tomorrow is our final, so i messaged her:
    me: hey
    her: hey
    me: are you ok?
    her: yes, are you?
    me: yes , exams are tomorrow, just wondering.
    her: Its really nice of you to message, thank you so much.
    me: oh thanks, but anyway hope you do good, good luck
    her: Good luck to you too, you’ll do well!

    WHAT TO DO NOW!?!! I’M cringing, i’m feeling like the pitied kid.. sighs, should i ask her tomorrow after the exam how it went?

    May 26, 2017 at 6:58 am #137658

    I think she might like you,You should try to talk to her more,If your shy,Be shy,it’s ok coz tshe should know who you are and like you for that which she will.but try to talk,And if your old enough,Ask her out,Be yourself and I though ur shy,Just go up to her and at least talk to her.Have conversations don’t be scared to be a dork,she should like you for that and as a said before she will. I know it’s hard,But don’t be too hard on yourself,Your Probably amazing.
    This is what I did,When I was shy,and he liked me back….So this is my experience speaking,It’s up to you what you wanna do. And yeah ask her,Like “Hey,How’d it go, ” Like casz.