Where is this thing going? Does she likes me at all?


Where is this thing going? Does she likes me at all?

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    February 6, 2013 at 5:00 pm #22055
    Where is this thing going? Does she likes me at all?

    Hello all,

    I really need some help. I met one girl on a street, well actually it was a bus but we started talking on street. I approached her because she always made a lot of eye-contact with me on the bus. She goes in to the same school as I. From the moment I started talking to her everything went well. She talked like she knew me for years. Now, since then, I saw her about 4 times. We laugh every time, there is a lot of eye-contact, no problem at all, I also got her number with ease.

    Now comes the problem. I texted her like two times. The last time I sent her a picture of a cake and wrote mmmm but got no reply. I sent her that because she said she likes cakes. I was wondering whether she could be so shy to not respond on my messages because in real life, the situation is totally different. It is through that I have to give the first note but it goes smothly after. I talked to her on Facebook too but not that much and we also had some fun there, she also does some stupid things like not telling me when will she go to school and says things like her keyboard is not working well and putting those smilies :PPPPPPPP after it.. One strange thing though. One day she blocked me on Facebook and that day she posted this on her own wall :”It`s easy to fall in love but it`s hard to say that”. Now I don`t know whether this is connected with me or not but I have no idea why would I be blocked then.

    I really need some of your opinions on this. Do you think she likes me? I`m planning to ask her out anyway but I won`t talk to her on fb anymore till then, neither send her text messages. She could be very shy I think, she also doesn`t have much friends, especially male ones. I`m maybe one of three male friends that likes her photos on fb for example.

    Could she be so shy or nervous that can`t write me? May she has any other issues? She is not from my country but I don`t care about this. She knows the language quite well, I also told her that I`m impressed by her speaking. I know she has a lot of exams right now if that might be the case? I really have no idea what is really going on. And no.. I won`t move on because to me, she is a perfect girl, a marriage material.

    tnx, really appreciate your help

    February 7, 2013 at 11:12 am #22109

    She might have put you in the “friend zone” The only way to find out is ask her out somewhere with less pressure, no dinner dates. You’re only acquaintances, not so much friends so just go slow. See if she’ll join you for lunch and then from there do something later on in the week where you can go with a group of friends to hang out somewhere.

    If she stops responding to going out with you then back off, she may be too shy to say she’s not interested…Don’t immediately consider marriage like that. You honestly don’t know this girl, she is still a stranger to you.

    It’s one thing to think you will work out as a relationship but marriage? Way too far out of the question. You need to take baby steps, start by getting to know her as a good friend.

    February 7, 2013 at 3:14 pm #22114


    I will probably say to her when I see her in library (which is a lot of time) to get a drink in the bar there for the start. I already started with some KINO and that stuff.. if am in the friendzone, I`m gonna try and get out 😀